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Divorce And Asset Division

Helping You Separate Your Life From That Of Your Spouse

Divorce is never easy. For many it is a stressful time emotionally, physically and financially. Making decisions regarding your property and assets, and how you want to deal with the legal minutiae of dissolving your marriage can be overwhelming. Having the advice of an experienced Seguin divorce attorney can be invaluable.

At Kolb & Murray, P.C., you may be greeted by the calming influence of Lucy the Shih Tzu, the resident therapy associate when you come in to discuss your case. Under her caring supervision, you meet with Kevin Kolb to talk about what happened, how you are doing and how to proceed from here. Kevin has been in practice for more than 25 years, is a certified public accountant (CPA) and holds an advanced law degree in taxation (LL.M.). He uses these skills to examine your situation from all angles and look out for your best interests.

Asset Division Lawyers Serving Clients In Schertz and Guadalupe County

Texas is a community property state, meaning that certain property related to the marriage may be divided equally between the spouses. Kevin reviews your finances to help you determine what is community property and what is separate property. He walks you through every step of the divorce process, such as helping you gather the appropriate documentation, filing the correct paperwork and determining your needs. He files and schedules any necessary temporary hearings with the court and draws up a final decree to be submitted for approval by the court.

Kevin has been trained to trace assets and use forensic accounting to uncover hidden assets and do a complete review of asset division. Kevin is retained by all types of folks, including people who have millions to divide and also by people who have very little to divide. He works hard to get you what you need from your divorce, regardless of your income level or size of your estate.

Kevin’s background in tax law and accounting can help you determine what the tax implications of your divorce may be regarding child support and transfer of property to or from your spouse. He looks at your situation through many different lenses to help ensure you are treated fairly in the divorce.

Contact Kolb & Murray, P.C., at 830-386-4801 to schedule your initial consultation with an experienced law firm devoted to serving you, your family and your business investments.