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Protecting The Basic Rights Of You And Your Spouse After You Become Incapacitated

In Texas, a guardianship is given over persons who are or have become unable to care for themselves – personally, financially or have become a danger to themselves or others. While it is good that Texas has laws to protect incapacitated persons, if it is possible, you should make every effort to minimize the aspects of a guardianship in your family’s life. With the help of a Seguin guardianship attorney, you can put the correct documents into place that will give you the protections you need to prevent a guardianship or minimize the impact of a guardianship on you or your family.

At Kolb & Murray, P.C., Kevin Kolb can help you draft appropriate powers of attorney and medical powers of attorney, and any necessary trust that will give the representative of your choice the ability to make these decisions and manage a person’s assets without the need of a fully encompassing guardianship.

Establishing Legal Guardianships In Texas

Sometimes, it is absolutely necessary to gain guardianship over someone who has become incapacitated or who is a minor. If this is the case, Kevin is able to assist you with the process of becoming a legal guardian for an adult or child and help you ensure his or her safety and comfort.

However, because of the many restrictions and alternatives to guardianships and many the laws surrounding the guardian-ward relationship, preparing for your own incapacitation or a family member’s incapacitation, in advance, is a preferable solution. Wards must reside in the state of Texas and must be evaluated by a medical doctor before the state of Texas can consider whether a guardianship is necessary. We can provide you with the knowledge and forms to help your family screen and determine if a guardianship is necessary or possible.

Kevin has been helping people with estate and guardianship planning issues for more than 25 years. He and Elizabeth are certified guardianship ad litem attorneys. Kevin is a certified public accountant (CPA), and he has an advanced law degree in taxation (LL.M.). He uses all these skills to find the best possible solution for you and your loved ones in situations that may require a guardianship, financial supervision or care of someone who has become incapacitated.

Prepare For Your Future

Facing the possibility of someone else having control over your life or assets can be frightening. It is far better to be prepared for the worst now than to have it happen and not have the proper protections in place. Kevin Kolb can help you protect yourself, your family and your rights while avoiding the most costly aspects of guardianships.

Contact Kolb & Murray, P.C., at 830-386-4801 to schedule your initial consultation with an experienced law firm devoted to serving you, your family and your business investments.