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2 steps that cause estate problems

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2022 | Wills

A will makes it easier for people to disperse their estate to their family and loved ones after they pass away. People usually write wills during their life at some time or another. This legal document may only be a few pages, but every detail matters – in more ways than just the estate disbursement.

There are a couple of ways someone may invalidate their will. Here’s what you should know:

It was a “do-it-yourself” will 

Some people don’t realize how complicated wills are and just how much detail is put into making them legal. That doesn’t stop people from writing their own will.

Some people may believe that a will is a small document with a brief explanation of how their estate should be handled. While that may be the case, that doesn’t mean it was correctly done. There are several steps that someone will need to go through to make sure a will is legal

It was made with a boilerplate form

Today, there are tons of ways for people to write up their will. One of the seemingly fastest and most convenient is an online will template. A will template can make writing a will seem easy, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the will is correct. 

As is often the case, “what you pay for is what you get.” These templates may not be accurately written, include the correct wordage or even be invalid under state laws. They also cannot guide you through complex estate planning issues. 

Writing a will shouldn’t be hard, and can be made easy with the right help. If you want to have a will written, it’s always wise to seek experienced legal assistance. Your estate plan should be as unique as you are.

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