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How do you choose a legal guardian for your child? 

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2022 | Estate Planning

It is difficult to imagine your child growing up under someone else’s care. However, this is inevitable if something were to happen to you and your co-parent. A guardian is a person nominated to make important decisions on behalf of the child should the parents pass on or become incapacitated. 

Failing to designate a guardian for your minor child means the court will make this choice for you should you and your spouse pass on or become incapacitated – and this may not sit well with you. But how do you choose a guardian for your little one? 

Here are three questions that can help you find the right guardian for your precious child:

How old are they?

You may have your heart set on the idea that your folks (parents or grandparents) could assume the responsibilities of your minor child should something happen to you. But, will they have the energy to run around with your toddler or cope with your teen’s emotional needs? Plus, most old-age-related conditions like dementia may make it impractical for your aging folks to be effective guardians for your child. 

How about their values?

Clearly, you want a guardian who shares the same moral and social values as you do. And if you want your child to be raised in a particular religion, then faith will be a key factor when designating a guardian for your child. 

What about their financial stability?

How well is the potential guardian getting along with their family? Are they in a stable relationship? Do they have children of their own who are possibly your child’s age-mates? Are they financially stable? Does their job require a lot of traveling? It is important that you consider these factors during your quest for a guardian. You may want your child to live with your favorite sibling across the state, but if their job is too demanding, you should consider settling for someone with more time on their hands. 

Choosing a guardian for your little one is a big deal. Find out how you can find the right guardian for your minor child in your will. 

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