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Is a team member jeopardizing your startup?

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2022 | Business Law

You’ve just launched your new business, so you’re learning as you move along. Your product is great, you have a solid customer base and the prospective numbers are looking good. 

Unfortunately, there’s one thing that seems to be getting in the way. One of your employees is refusing to play ball. They did well during the interview process, and they looked good for a few weeks, but now they’re just flat out refusing to do their job. You’re worried that this may start to hurt your new business. What are your options? 

You need to find out what’s going on 

It’s likely that you’ll be frustrated by your employee’s actions, but you need to try and manage your anger initially. There is a root cause of the problem, and you need to try and identify it. They may have a legitimate grievance that’s been hidden from you. If you hear them out, you may just manage to nip any problems in the bud before they impact your business significantly. 

Provide a fair warning 

You’ve done your best to try and empathize with the employee, but they’re still refusing to cooperate. At this stage, you need to make it clear that the behavior cannot continue. You’ve worked too hard in establishing your company for your progress to be thrown away. Explain to the worker that they may face disciplinary action if they do not step it up. Sometimes, this can be enough of a shock to the system to get your employee back in line. Make sure you adhere to the law as you do this. 

Your team members are the core of your business, and it is vital that they are on your side. If a staff member is placing your company in jeopardy, take a closer look at your legal options


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