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The right business partner needs to be a bit different than you

On Behalf of | Mar 8, 2022 | Business Law

It may feel comfortable to work with someone who is very similar to you. When you’re looking for a business partner, you might seek someone out that has similar skills and a similar vision for the company.

On one hand, it is important that you get along with this person, and it is good if you both have the same vision for the company. It certainly helps when you’re both working toward the same goals at all times.

However, you do want to find a business partner who is a bit different than you. This is especially true in terms of complementary skills.

Why skills matter

The reason that you want someone with skills that complement your own, rather than the exact same skills, is that it gives your company as a whole a wider variety of tasks that it can accomplish. The two of you can balance each other and help each other succeed. If you’re exactly the same, you both may be good at what you do, but you may not necessarily need one another to have success.

For instance, perhaps you have terrific skills in making sales and talking to the public, but you’re not nearly as good at the logistics of getting products into the warehouse and distributing them. If you find someone who can do that, these skills will work together so that your company has a lot of success and doesn’t run into issues on either side.

Setting up a partnership agreement

Once you do find a business partner that you want to work with, it’s wise to have a written partnership agreement in place. Make sure you know exactly how to set this up.


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