An advance health directive can make important wishes known

Feeling a lack of control can be scary for any Texas resident. Unfortunately, the possibility exists that anyone could wind up in a position where he or she cannot express certain information due to illness or injury. On the bright side, individuals can prepare for this possible scenario by creating an advance health directive.

An advance directive allows parties to put their wishes for care down in a legally binding document. This means that if a situation arises in which a person becomes incapacitated, those providing care must follow the instructions in the directive. The instructions could address various aspects of care, such as whether a person wants every possible treatment attempted or whether only comfort care is desired. Parties could also detail whether they want life-sustaining measures taken, such as being put on life support, or if they would rather pass naturally without resuscitation attempts.

Of course, individuals need someone to ensure that these wishes are carried out, and that is where a health care power of attorney agent could come in. Individuals can appoint a trusted person to act on their behalf if they cannot express their own wishes. Appointing an agent ahead of time could prevent delays and proceedings associated with putting someone in charge.

This information is vastly important because, without it, family members would be in a position where they had to determine what is best. This can be stressful for individuals who do not know for certain what a loved one may have wanted. As a result, Texas residents may want to take the time to create advance health directives that could bring a sense of comfort to those who may need it.

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