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Must the executor of a will provide a copy of the inventory?

Most people do not keep their lives neat and tidy. Because there are so many ups and downs throughout anyone’s life, it can be difficult to keep everything as organized as possible. As a result, it is important that the executor of a will does an inventory of assets remaining in an estate for his or her own sake and to provide to the court.

Texas executors may also want to determine whether they need to provide a copy of the inventory to the beneficiaries. In some states, it is required that the executor complete the inventory and certify that a copy has been provided to each beneficiary. However, it is not always required to send a copy to all beneficiaries, particularly if a beneficiary is a minor or is an incapacitated adult.

Of course, some states do not require that an inventory be provided to the beneficiaries at all. It may only be required that the executor files the inventory with the court. Additionally, executors in some states only have to provide a copy of the inventory if the heirs or beneficiaries specifically request a copy.

The executor of a will has many duties, and those duties can vary from state to state. As a result, it is vital that executors in Texas understand exactly what they need to do in order to close an estate correctly. Fortunately, experienced probate attorneys can help these individuals understand who they need to provide documents to and how they could carry out the other tasks associated with settling an estate in their area.


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