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Considering how to keep wills, other documents safe

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2019 | Wills

After creating an important legal document, it is vital that the document is kept safe and is easily accessible. This is particularly true for Texas residents who have created their wills and other estate planning documents. Finding the right place to store these records can ensure that they are available when needed.

If storing the original copies at home, it is wise to think about the potential for damage that could come to the documents. If not kept in storage that will protect against the elements, papers could be lost due to fire, water damage or other issues. It is not too far-fetched to say that individuals could benefit from having their estate planning records kept in a fireproof safe. Of course, not everyone will rush out and purchase such an item simply for their documents.

Still, efforts should be made to protect the records as much as possible, and that includes having copies. In the event that an executor or another applicable party cannot find or access the original documents, a copy of a will could be presented to the court if the person can show that significant effort was made to find the original to no avail. It is also important to remember to swap out the old copies with any new documents after making updates.

Keeping wills and other estate planning documents safe is important because they contain information that may not be found anywhere else. In many cases, Texas estate planning attorneys will keep original copies of documents in safe storage for their clients. While this option is often ideal, it is not always available and considering other avenues is wise.


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