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Long-term care planning may be part of aging gracefully

On Behalf of | Jun 24, 2019 | Elder Law

Many Texas residents may dread getting older. They may imagine difficult times ahead where they can no longer care for themselves, and while this may not need to be the only future imagined, it is certainly a possibility. Fortunately, individuals can plan for futures in which they are healthy and for those in which they may need long-term care.

Staying active as an older person can certainly have its challenges. However, continuing to work out can go along way in maintaining a healthy lifestyle that could prove useful years down the road. If balance issues are becoming a concern along with the possibility of falling, parties may even want to look into specific exercises that focus on maintaining good balance.

Doing one’s research could help someone seeking to age gracefully as well. Some parties may need information on how to prevent falls other than with exercise or what steps to take after a serious health diagnosis like Alzheimer’s. This information may help parties better protect themselves and allow them to understand how to ensure that their affairs are in order relating to finances, health care and community ties.

It is also a wise step to consider planning for long-term care. Creating an estate plan can help address this concern and ensure that Texas residents have made their wishes known with regard to how they want their care handled and how they intend to pay for extended care. Discussing planning options, including those for qualifying for Medicaid, with knowledgeable attorneys may be useful.


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