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Estate planning may be worth considering for Millennials

On Behalf of | Oct 15, 2018 | Estate Planning

Individuals in the Millennial generation may think that they still have a considerable amount of their lives ahead of them. While this notion may prove true for many of them, it does not mean that they should put off estate planning. This action may not have crossed the minds of a considerable number of those in this generation, but getting started sooner rather than later may be wise.

Texas residents looking to get started on their estate plans may not know exactly where to start. This feeling is understandable, and good starting points would be to simply inventory their assets, consider their loved ones and create a general idea of what should happen to these assets after death. At first, the list of assets and ideas do not have to be entirely formal.

However, in order for an estate plan to be legally binding, it is important the the proper documents are created. A will can include information regarding guardianship for any children individuals may have, how their property should be distributed and who should act as executor of the estate. Other documents that are not related to assets are also important, like a living will that includes health care wishes and power of attorney documents that can appoint an agent to handle financial affairs.

While estate planning can certainly seem like a very involved process, it gives individuals the opportunity to address many important aspects of their lives and what should happen after their deaths. Texas residents who are interested in creating their estate plans may find it useful to gain more information on the various types of planning tools that could help them express their wishes. Experienced attorneys can help during this part of the planning and throughout the journey.


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