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Texas residents may want to plan ahead for long-term care

On Behalf of | Aug 21, 2018 | Elder Law

No one is immune to the possibility of getting sick or suffering injuries. Even the most cautious person could end up in an unexpected situation that leads him or her to needing long-term care. Of course, the costs of such care are often overwhelming, and if Texas residents do not plan accordingly, their finances and options for care could end up hurting.

Nursing home and assisted living care can easily result in thousands of dollars a month in expenses. For some, an existing insurance policy can help cover these costs. However, if individuals did not set up this coverage before the need of it came about, they may be out of luck. Planning ahead can help individuals understand their insurance options and find policies that could best suit their potential needs.

Of course, these policies do not always suit the needs or budgets of everyone. Some parties may prefer to save money in hopes of having enough to cover their long-term care costs if they arise. Using estate planning methods could help parties set aside funds for this particular purpose.

It may also be wise for individuals considering their long-term care planning options to think about Medicaid planning. Because Medicaid qualifications are based on a person’s finances, Texas residents may need to make arrangements in hopes of qualifying for this benefits program in the future. Speaking with an elder law attorney could help interested individuals further explore this option and other ways to plan for the costs of future care.


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