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Because property value changes, wills often need updates

On Behalf of | Jun 12, 2018 | Wills

Having an estate plan means that individuals can look ahead and determine how they want certain aspects of their remaining affairs handled after their deaths. Because property distribution is often a main concern after the passing of Texas loved ones, it can prove immensely useful when wills have been created. Of course, individuals may find it useful to review their documents periodically.

Creating a will in the first place is certainly more beneficial than having no plan at all. However, if a person has the desire for a will to make sure a certain goal is reached, it is important that the document does not have mistakes. Because aspects of life and value of property can change over time, a once error-free plan could develop issues.

For instance, some parents want to make sure that their children receive as close to equal shares of property as possible. If different forms of property are involved, a parent may choose to give one child a certain type of property and another child a different type as long as the division has a fairly equal monetary value. However, it is common for property value on land, for example, to increase or decrease while other assets retain the same value. As a result, one child could end up set to inherit a more substantial amount than another child if fluctuations occur and the parent does not update the estate plan.

Estate planning should not be a one-and-done deal. It requires periodic reviews and updates if Texas residents want to make sure that their plans still align with their wishes. Fortunately, updating wills and other estate planning documents can take place as often as individuals see fit.


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