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Kim Kardashian addresses hair, makeup in living will

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2018 | Wills

Thinking about the possibility of needing care due to incapacitation can hit many Texas residents differently. Some individuals may want to avoid thinking about this type of scenario at all, and others may prefer to plan every detail of their possible care. Whatever the case, at least considering the creation of a living will may be beneficial.

When it comes to planning style, Kim Kardashian apparently falls into the latter category of wanting to have even minute details planned. Many people had wondered whether certain information regarding the reality star’s estate plans were true. In particular, rumors spread that she had specified how her appearance should be taken care of in the event of her incapacitation and inability to communicate her wants and needs.

Apparently, Kardashian has indicated in her living will that, should she be unable to do it herself, her hair, makeup and nails should be maintained. She recently gave an interview in which she confirmed that these details were true. As someone who cares about her appearances, she states that she still wants to look good even under incapacitating circumstances.

A living will is specific to each person who creates one. In most cases, individuals provide information on what type of treatments they would or would not want to receive in the event of incapacitation. Of course, as this case shows, other personal details can also be included. If Texas residents are ready to confront the possibility of needing care in the future, they may want to speak with knowledgeable attorneys about their planning options.

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