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Power of attorney appointment may bolster long-term care planning

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2017 | Long-Term Care Planning

Texas residents need various amounts of care throughout their lives. As individuals reach their elderly years, the need for care may become as important as it was when they were young children. However, receiving care as an adult can often prove more difficult and expensive. Luckily, long-term care planning could help get financial affairs in order as well as appoint trusted individuals to important decision-making positions.

Power of attorney agents are often an important part of long-term care planning. Appointing an individual or individuals to make medical and financial decisions in the event of incapacitation could help parties feel more at ease. Additionally, planning ahead could help an appointed care agent feel more comfortable with her or her role as well.

By planning ahead, individuals and their agents can discuss care wishes well ahead of time. This can help both parties feel more in tune with the idea of having someone else make decisions and of having to be the decision-maker. Both positions can be difficult, but when parties make their wishes known and take the time to plan for care arrangements and expenses, the transition may go more smoothly.

If individuals feel concerned about addressing their long-term care planning, they may wish to find out more information on their options. Certain steps may suit some circumstances better than others, and making a personal and tailored plan could prove immensely beneficial. Discussing power of attorney appointments, ways to save money for care and other options with experienced attorneys could allow concerned Texas residents feel more in control.

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