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Sons of Jerry Lewis lose out on inheritance after exclusion

Estate planning can often allow surviving families to feel more at ease when it comes to closing a recently deceased loved one’s estate. They will better understand what the person wanted in terms of how to distribute assets and a variety of other estate-related issues. Of course, some terms of an estate plan could come as a shock to those who lose out on an inheritance.

Texas residents may be interested in the will of late entertainer Jerry Lewis. Lewis died last month at the age of 91, and details regarding his will were recently released. Reports stated that Lewis disinherited all six children from his first marriage. Rather than simply leaving their names from the will entirely, he apparently included specific detail that his six sons and their descendants were not to receive any part of the estate.

Due to these six children being excluded from potentially obtaining an inheritance, the estate will likely pass directly to Lewis’ surviving widow. Additionally, Lewis left behind a 25-year-old daughter. It is unclear what the worth of the estate may have been at the time of his death, but the report described it as “potentially massive.”

When individuals lose out on an inheritance, it is not uncommon for many questions to arise as to why that occurred. In some cases, parties may suspect that the will did not reflect the true intentions of the deceased and choose to challenge the document. Though that may not be the situation with this particular case, this concern could affect some Texas residents when it comes to their loved ones’ estates. If so, they may wish to find out more on how to legally address these concerns.

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