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Notice of probate may kick off legal proceedings in Texas

The death of a loved one often acts as a catalyst for many life changes. Texas residents may need to make accommodations in order to fill the roles the deceased person may have played in their lives, and surviving family may also have many responsibilities with which to contend in order to address the decedent’s estate. If the person did not take steps to avoid the process, probate proceedings will likely be necessary.

In order to begin this legal process, a petition must be filed with the court. Next, a public notice is often provided in order to give interested individuals information relating to the probate proceedings for a particular estate. For example, a notice was recently published to indicate that a family member for a deceased man had filed the petition for probate and to become the personal representative for the estate.

The notice also gives the date, time and address of the hearing that will address the beginning of the legal proceedings. At this time, any individual with concerns regarding the estate may come forward to file claims with the court. Parties who wish to contest the petition for personal representative or contest contents of a last will and testament may present their concerns at this time.

Probate proceedings can sometimes cause complications and stress in individuals’ lives. Therefore, Texas residents needing to address such proceedings may want to find out more information on what actions may be necessary and why. Speaking with knowledgeable attorneys could help interested parties determine what steps they may need to take to effectively address a loved one’s estate.

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