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April 2017 Archives

Elder law provides tools to meet the potential of Alzheimer's

The costs of taking care of Alzheimer's patients have skyrocketed to the point that it is now called the country's most expensive disease, a tag that likely applies also in Texas. This is an unfriendly subject that most people want to leave in the distant shadows of their mind. However, the numbers of people suffering from the disease -- or from its cousin, dementia -- is rising, and the elder law issues related to planning cannot be conveniently avoided.

Putting off estate planning can lead to disputes and expenses

A recent study by an international wealth management company concludes that as family dynamics become more complex, the potential for conflicts after a family member's death increases. The survey took a national sampling, which presumably included Texas. The report states that only 28 percent of those responding said that their parents had shared their estate planning details with them.

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