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February 2017 Archives

Long-term care planning is best charted prior to retirement

Long-term care in Texas generally refers to a range of products and services that older persons may need to get through their daily lives. For example, one may need assistance in preparing meals, getting dressed, bathing, cleaning and the like. If one is disabled and in need of medical care, this may be done in the home or it may require in-patient care. Medicare pays essentially nothing for such services, and it is prudent for a couple or individual to do some vital long-term care planning.

A simple will and power of attorney can avoid numerous problems

Many Americans, including in Texas, are not certain how their estate should be divided after death, per a 2016 Gallup survey. Well over half of all Americans also do not have a simple will. Going without a will may raise complications for persons who are single without children, unmarried couples living together, or even married couples without kids.

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