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June 2016 Archives

Long-term care planning may incorporate insurance policies

The movie 'Still Alice' depicts a 50-year-old professor who suffers early on-set Alzheimer's. Despite the power of the story, the chances of this happening are very remote. However, a number of studies indicate that most people, including those who live in Texas, will need some form of long-term care after the age of 65. Accordingly, it is a good idea for someone in this age group to engage in long\-term care planning.

The importance of long-term care planning

Planning for the future is important, particularly when it comes to health care. As Texas readers may know, many people have not saved and invested for their long-term needs, which could impact their ability to deal with medical emergencies in the future. Experts agree that long\-term care planning is important, but they believe that as many as two-thirds of Americans are under prepared.

Enjoy summer travel more by doing your estate planning

If you live in Texas, the summer season is a good time to look at your estate planning status. Because it is the time of travel for many people, an unexpected tragic accident or medical illness can rear an ugly hand. People hate to think about tragedy, especially at a time when relaxation and rest are goals of a vacation trip. If a person has done his or her homework already and has an updated set of estate planning documents safely in tow, then pre-travel planning will not be necessary.

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