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April 2016 Archives

Affluent families need long-term care planning for loved ones

Even affluent families residing in Texas must pay attention to their estate planning and long-term care planning needs. Sometimes, sibling rivalry can cause conflict in these families regarding how much will be left for the heirs to inherit. Rising costs, accidents, sudden total disabilities and other traumas may dent the family financial statement and create a danger spot with respect to the family's plans for taking care of an elderly member. Thus, long-term care planning is an important preparatory feature for the relatively wealthy as well as for the lower, middle and upper middle class members of society.

Estate planning provides essential protection for a business

Business owners residing in Texas will find estate planning to be a wise and useful process to engage in to protect against the negative impact of unexpected circumstances. Proper estate planning can assure the continuation of the business or a dissolution that follows the deceased owner's wishes. Thus, estate planning conducted with the assistance of experienced estate planning legal counsel can avoid unwanted results for the business.

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