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February 2016 Archives

Long-term care planning is important for baby boomer generation

The baby boomer generation's members are entering into their 70s, thus placing a need for many of their children to start thinking about the future care of their parents. This is a trend in Texas and nationwide that will grow in the next several years, considering that there are 75 million baby boomers in the country. For those with long-term care planning and perhaps a plan for Medicaid already in effect, there may be little strain placed on their children.

Boomers may need long-term care planning for aging parents

Conscientious parents often place the needs of their young children ahead of everything else. They pay for an unending flow of activities to further the child's emotional and financial growth,  including the major debt of a college education. There comes a time, however, when a parent reaches the twilight of life and must face crucial decisions for his or her own survival and care during approaching periods of declining health and increasing disabilities. This typically marks the last effective opportunity for child and parent to work out some basic long-term care planning under Texas and federal law for those challenging times.

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