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December 2015 Archives

Studies show that most people put off basic estate planning

For a young or middle-aged married couple residing in Texas, there are certain steps that can provide invaluable protection for the future. One is to make sure that adequate life insurance is in place, and that means not necessarily relying only on what one's employer provides, which may be an inadequate amount. For estate planning purposes, there are computations online that can figure out a family's insurance needs.

Avoid a critical problem by starting long-term care planning

There is a substantial problem in Texas and the rest of the country with respect to long-term care planning. People do not get around to doing it because of lack of funding or just simply by putting off the inevitable. No one likes to think of being incapacitated at any time in the future; indeed, there is sense of widespread denial by the elderly citizenry regarding the need for long-term care planning. However, statistics say that the great majority of persons currently entering their retirement years will at some time in the future need a period of long-term care.

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