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October 2015 Archives

Start-ups offer digital technology for estate planning services

The "cloud" is popular for those Internet-savvy people who believe in maximizing their online abilities. Cloud services allow an individual to store massive amounts of data and information on vast networks of digital resources that are physically separate from the user's own personal hard drive. With the emergence of such technology in Texas and worldwide, it was foreseeable that the digital storage and processing of estate planning documents, including wills and other legal instruments, would be right around the corner. 

Long-term care planning will assure peace-of-mind in later years

Even though the exorbitant costs of long-term care in Texas and other states may wipe out one's life savings and the assets intended for loved ones, many persons ignore the threat until it is too late. For those who do establish a plan, they generally enjoy a new peace-of-mind that could, in and of itself, extend their emotional health securely into the future. With skilled nursing home care said to cost an average of $77,745 per year, it is imperative to engage in long-term care planning. This may be accomplished by consulting with a knowledgeable financial planner, if necessary, and with an experienced elder law attorney.

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