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Texas families sometimes face estate administration issues

When considering important family and/or financial issues, it is typically helpful to seek the guidance of an experienced professional. Estate administration and planning are among the issues sometimes faced by Texas families that can be quite complex and complicated for those involved. If you are unsure about how to develop a secure and appropriate estate plan or have questions or concerns about an existing plan, you might choose to seek the legal guidance of an attorney who has experience in estate planning and inheritance matters.

Kolb & Murray, P.C. is a law firm with a wide variety of planning services and advice available. Our dedicated professionals are able to help you ascertain your options and determine what best suits your needs and desires in planning for your family’s future stability. Whether your case involves living wills, family trusts or business succession, we are prepared to help you create a plan that preserves what is rightfully yours and provide for those who will inherit  the assets of your estate.

Tax issues, health care directives and distribution of assets are among those issues frequently addressed when discussing matters of estate administration and planning. Simply call Kolb & Murray, P.C. to schedule an appointment in order to seek an estate assessment and obtain help in determining how best to proceed. When you understand your rights and options, it is easier to create a plan that suits your preferences and needs.

At times, Texas families might find themselves in the midst of a dispute or disagreements concerning the estate administration of a loved one. Inheritance is a highly personal issue and circumstances surrounding the administration of one’s estate are best handled by those who have acted under the guidance of an experienced estate and probate lawyer. Kolb & Murray, P.C. offers the personalized and dedicated service that you deserve.


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