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Estate planning in Texas is not one size fits all

On Behalf of | Aug 19, 2015 | Estate Planning

When a Texas resident is concerned with planning for the future — specifically, planning for the financial security and well-being of loved ones after his or her death — complex situations may arise that necessitate legal help. Estate planning can be a simple or very complex process, depending on the circumstances of an individual case. If you are uncertain as to the best way to proceed in documenting your desires and needs with regard to an estate plan, it might prove beneficial to seek legal counsel in the matter.

At Kolb & Murray, P.C., experienced professionals are prepared to offer sound legal advice and personalized service regarding a wide range of estate planning issues. Whether you have questions and concerns about a living will, power of attorney or the difference between a revocable and irrevocable trust, our legal team can provide clarification of the issues. We can help you ensure that estate planning your wishes and plans are honored in the event of your death.

Often, families encounter complications and stress when issues involving taxes or division of assets  arise. Kolb & Murray can help you protect what is rightfully yours and create solutions that will fully provide for your loved ones’ futures. Attorney Kolb has a background in special tax law and has worked as a certified public accountant, giving him an in depth understanding of laws and regulations at both the federal and state levels regarding the various taxation issues commonly addressed when planning an estate.

We are also dedicated to helping those whose focus is on health care issues and advanced medical directives. We have compassion toward elder care and provide effective service for our older clients and their adult children. If you are facing issues with regard to estate planning in Texas, you can contact our office to schedule a free consultation so that we can offer a personalized assessment of your case and help you develop a plan that will provide for your needs and those of the ones you love.


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