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July 2014 Archives

Estate planning results in legal protections for the maker

An estate plan is a person’s program for the maintenance and distribution of assets, both during life and at death. Estate planning is the process of making an estate plan. The process, and the legal “instruments” representing separate components of the plan, are generally similar in Texas and all other states. There are, however, some deviations in the details, procedures, tax obligations and the terminology from state to state.

Estate administration: All legal procedures must be completed

In Texas and other states it’s not uncommon for the beneficiaries of a deceased family member to ask the attorney handling the estate when the estate will be finalized. In fact, legal experts say that it’s normal for beneficiaries to ask the attorney to explain the process of estate administration and for a ballpark estimate on time. Having a communicating relationship with counsel and the executor is a wise thing to do.

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