Family Law

Experience With Difficult Family Matters

The area of family law involves some extremely challenging issues. When complex legal and emotional components are involved, the resolution of domestic matters calls for knowledgeable legal representation and judicial wisdom.

As a municipal judge and as an attorney with over 18 years of practice under his belt, Kevin Kolb has experience with a wide variety of family law matters. His years in practice and his time on the bench have honed his ability to deal responsibly with emotionally charged relational and family matters. Having handled a wide variety of family cases, Kevin Kolb understands the intertwined legalities and human issues inherent in:

  • Contested and uncontested divorces
  • Child support and custody matters
  • Martial property division and tax issues related to divorce
  • Prenuptial and postmarital agreements
  • Adoption
  • Grandparents' and fathers' rights
  • Settlement agreements

Seguin and Schertz Divorce Lawyers

Throughout his career, Kevin Kolb has strived to help couples and families work out problems as amicably as possible, rather than to perpetuate adversarial dynamics. A certified mediator, he takes a practical approach, explaining the potential challenges and apprising people of the economic and personal costs involved with any divorce or family law proceeding.

As a former CPA and holder of an advanced tax law degree (LL.M.), Kevin Kolb is qualified to deal with even the most complicated financial and tax problems. As a Seguin family law lawyer, he has been called upon for advice in complex matters regarding community and separate property, including those with nuanced tax issues. He is also experienced with challenging Texas cases involving custody and parental rights.

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