Elder Law Attorneys Serving Clients In Seguin

Protecting Your Assets And Planning For Your Future

Elder law refers to legal matters and strategic planning for the elderly regarding incapacity, long-term care and eligibility for government benefits. It also involves the disposition of your estate when you die. With the help of a Seguin elder law attorney, you can preserve many of your assets for yourself and your family while avoiding expensive tax consequences and still qualify for government benefits, such as Medicaid.

At Kolb & Murray, P.C., you can seek sound advice from Kevin Kolb on how to manage your estate and plan for Medicaid when you or your loved one enters a nursing home. Planning well in advance of this time is essential, making it easier to protect many of your assets and plan for how you will give them to your family.

Kevin sits down with you to review your current financial situation. He explains the different classifications of income and assets, and how they apply to Medicaid qualification. He helps you understand the consequences of gifting to family members and how that can benefit you or detract from your overall situation. Kevin can also help with other necessary estate planning services, such as having an advance medical directive in place so your family knows your wishes when you become incapacitated. He explains all of your options so you can make informed decisions.

Medicaid Planning Attorney Serving Clients In Schertz

Paying for end-of-life care in Texas can be expensive. Many people do not have the resources to cover their medical bills, yet on paper, they do not qualify for Medicaid. Many people believe they have to give away or spend down all of their assets to qualify for Medicaid. With advanced planning, Kevin may be able to protect up to 50 percent of your assets, depending on your circumstances

Along with being a lawyer for nearly 20 years, Kevin is a certified public accountant (CPA) and has an advanced law degree in taxation (LL.M.). Looking at your finances through these filters, Kevin is able to see the advantages and disadvantages of managing your resources and can advise you on what will work best for you and your family.

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