Civil Litigation

A Wide Range of Experience With Civil Matters

As distinct from criminal law, civil law generally relates to relations between private parties that can include individuals or businesses. Civil litigation, which refers to the legal process of resolution of disputes between such parties, can take many forms and deal with matters ranging from collections to corporate class actions.

By definition, litigation matters are handled in a court and involve a judge who decides on the outcome of the case. In Texas courts, certain rules of procedure and rules of evidence apply to all civil litigation, regardless of the context. To be sure, judges in civil litigation matters are entrusted with a tremendous responsibility in making decisions that can have a significant impact on those on both sides of a case.

A Strong Knowledge Base

Kevin Kolb offers a strong knowledge of civil litigation. As a lawyer and as a municipal court judge in Seguin, he has a wide range of experience with civil matters that include:

  • Family disputes, including divorce cases, in which one spouse is suing another, and critical matters involving the welfare of children
  • Probate and estate matters that involve family relationships, financial complexities and important tax issues
  • Tax disputes concerning property, federal and state taxes
  • Corporate litigation involving the interests of businesses and consumers
  • Contractual disputes

In addition to having handled a wide variety of civil and criminal cases, Kevin Kolb has served as local counsel for Dallas and Houston firms in civil litigation.

With backgrounds in family law, corporate matters and estate litigation, our attorneys have served Schertz, Seguin and the entire I-10 Corridor. Contact us to learn more about our experienced Seguin civil litigation lawyers.